• Our Approach

    At the Little Farm Preschool, children will be actively engaged in exciting learning activities. Their social, emotional, and intellectual needs are balanced by exploring, discovering, and creating through a play-based curriculum.
    Through authentic play-based learning activities; children will have opportunities to try out new ideas and behaviors in their own unique, concrete and hands-on ways.
  • We believe that play-based learning provides meaningful opportunities for young children to make sense of their world.

    • Building Relationships

      Children build meaningful relationships with other children and adults.

    • Pretend Play

      Children express what they observe, think, imagine and feel through pretend play.

    • Active Involvement

      Children actively engage in activities that interest them.

    • Empathy

      Children develop empathy for others.

    • Problem Solving

      Children learn the skills and strategies to solve problems encountered in play.

    • Directed Activities

      Projects are developed directly from the children’s interests and ideas.

  • Preschool Choices: Play is the Way

    Academics = success? It’s just not that simple!
  • Our Indoor & Outdoor Classrooms

    Designed to inspire children’s curiosity
    • Inspire Curosity
    • Authentic Choices
    • Making Thoughtful Decisions
    • Exploring the Outdoors
    • Working in the Children’s Garden
    • Taking Care of the Animals